Tracker: 24 Apr 2014 12:34 GMT
Latitude: 87.048 | Longitude: -58.077
Dist To Pole: 177.3 Nautical Miles / 204.2 Miles / 328.3 Kilometers
April 23rd, 2014
I haven't changed my clothes in 40 days. That's right, I've spent the last 40 days in the same ExOfficio boxer briefs. 40 days in the same Helly Hansen base layer. 40 days in the same Wigwam socks. Its really not that bad.. OK who am I kidding? Well, it doesn't seem that bad. The gear works and...
April 22nd, 2014
Yesterday evening we decided to chronicle setting up camp on video and of course everything went wrong. First, we were both very tired and moved slowly. Then, one of the poles wouldn't seed and one rope that keeps the vestibule pole from splaying out came untied and to add insult to injury, one ice screw...